Daily Archives: October 30, 2005

NFL Week 8 Afternoon Results

Update: The graph also applies for NE’s victory over BUF, since BUF was already in NE’s beatpath. Here’s the beatpath graph for after the afternoon games. Denver solidifies another beatpath when they beat Philadelphia and when San Diego beats Kansas City. San Diego might rise in the rankings since KC was ranked ahead of them. […]

NFL Week 8 Early-Day Results

Here’s the graph for Week 8 after the early games. Jacksonville loses its beatpath over Seattle, WAS=>DAL=>NYG is broken apart, and Green Bay is very bad. The power rankings don’t appear to be majorly affected so far – all the shuffling is in the lower half of the rankings. Technorati Tags: beatpath, football, nfl

Beatpaths Automatic Power Ranking

All right, after two days of hacking, we finally have an objective, automatically generated power ranking system. If you’ve been reading, you’ll notice that this is actually the third rev of the objective system. The system is beta, and we had a couple of minor bugs. The first was easy to find because it insisted […]