Monthly Archives: October 2005

Week 7 NFL Graph

Read on for the adjusted graph that ranks all the teams in the NFL by unambiguous beatpaths (defined here), through Week 7 but not including Monday night. New graph with power rankings come after Monday night, as another entry on this weblog. Technorati Tags: football, nfl

Beatpaths’ NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

By referring to my graphical rankings, I’ve come up with a Power Ranking of all 32 NFL Teams. I didn’t rank any team below another team it had unambiguously beaten. I had to make some subjective quality choices for the rest of the list, but I’ll detail them below. On to the rankings… Technorati Tags: […]

NFL Beatpaths

This is an attempt to figure out an automatic way to rank NFL teams. Just about every publication out there has a form of “NFL Power Rankings”. So far, they tend to be in two categories: Completely Stats-Driven: Football Outsiders, also featured at Fox Sports, has a system where they break everything down to the […]

NFL Graphs

So, I’m bored, and I like social choice and vote theory. One of the things that has a lot in common with voting is ranking sports teams. Each game is like a vote between two candidates. Most of the team ranking systems out there have lots of controversy because inevitably, one team is ranked above […]