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NFL Week 12 Beatpaths Power Rankings

The tiebreaking algorithm of the week is one that looks at the average beatpower of the top n direct beatwins of each team being compared, where n is the number of direct beatwins for the team with the least. 41 3-team beatloops this week, and 2 splits. We’re still not using the beatflukes graph, but […]

NFL Week 12 Game Results

Update: Boooring. Neither the Sunday night nor Monday night games have an effect on the visible graph. Afternoon games: Here’s the beatpath graph for the afternoon games. Seattle’s win enables them to finally shake their beatloss to Washington. Washington looks pretty lonely up there, don’t they? Washington should sink quite a bit in the rankings […]

Beatpaths NFL Week 12 Preview

Time to preview the week’s other upcoming games. Here’s the post-Thanksgiving graph, along with the operative beatloops. Splits: STL/ARI, BAL/PIT DEN=>SD=>NYG=>DEN NYJ=>MIA=>DEN=>NYJ SF=>TB=>WAS=>SF TEN=>BAL=>CLE=>TEN TEN=>HOU=>CLE=>TEN PHI=>OAK=>DAL=>PHI PHI=>OAK=>WAS=>PHI PHI=>KC=>WAS=>PHI PHI=>SD=>NYG=>PHI BUF=>MIA=>NO=>BUF BUF=>NYJ=>TB=>BUF BUF=>KC=>OAK=>BUF MIN=>NO=>CAR=>MIN ATL=>MIN=>GB=>ATL NO=>CAR=>GB=>NO NYJ=>MIA=>CAR=>NYJ ATL=>NYJ=>TB=>ATL MIA=>DEN=>KC=>MIA MIA=>CAR=>TB=>MIA ATL=>DET=>GB=>ATL DET=>CLE=>CHI=>DET BAL=>CLE=>CHI=>BAL NE=>PIT=>SD=>NE NE=>MIA=>DEN=>NE CAR=>NE=>MIA=>CAR CAR=>NE=>NO=>CAR DAL=>SD=>OAK=>DAL DAL=>NYG=>DEN=>DAL DAL=>NYG=>WAS=>DAL JAC=>SEA=>STL=>JAC (Note: The beatfluke version of […]

Breaking Beatloops With Beatflukes

Under what circumstances should a beatloop be broken? When beatloops are removed, it means that data about team relationships are being taken out of the graph. So far, beatloops have only been broken if smaller beatloops with common teams were removed first. This means the system is fairly liberal about removing beatloops. But I’ve started […]

NFL Thanksgiving Games Preview

A quick preview of the two pay someone to do your assignment Thanksgiving games: Denver at Dallas: In terms of the visible graph, not much happens if Denver wins – they get an extra direct beatwin to solidify their hold on their existing beatpaths. However, if they lose, things start getting pretty tenuous, as they […]

NCAA Week 13 Top Forty

Lots of beatpaths news today. We found the new college football data, so we have the new Top Forty for Division 1-A. Again, the teams that are floating by themselves are the ones that have no beatpaths to anyone else in the Top Forty. They all have plenty of beatpaths to the other Division 1-A […]

Beatpaths NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Time for the new Power Rankings. The big story this week centers around Philadelphia. While they didn’t sink much in the rankings this week, they had a big effect on the graph, affecting San Diego and Oakland. Of course, Oakland did some of their own damage this week, indirectly to their old AFC West foe, […]