What Are BeatPoints?

BeatPoints is my name for the number that was suggested in the comments a couple of weeks ago.

Take a team and count up all the teams it has a beatpath to. That’s the number of beatwins. Then count up all the teams that have a beatpath to the team. That’s the number of beatlosses.

If you subtract the number of beatlosses from the number of beatwins, then you have that team’s BeatPoints.

It’s a good starting point for the respective quality level of the teams. There are some strange shifts that can happen week to week, however. For instance, in Week 7, PHI had 2 BeatPoints after they defeated San Diego. Then the following week, they got demolished by Denver, but the ended up with 14 BeatPoints thanks to San Diego beating KC, Oakland beating Buffalo, and Houston beating Cleveland. So in terms of BeatPoints ranking, PHI rose from #13 to #3. But the Power Rankings muted the added strength of their victory over San Diego, boosting them from #12 to #5.

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