Daily Archives: November 9, 2005

What Is BeatPower?

Here’s an easier explanation of BeatPower, which is how we go from the Beatpath graph to the Power Rankings. Take a look at the results for after Week 9 of the 2005 NFL Season: And the beatloops that were taken out of the graph: ARI=>SF=>STL=>ARI TEN=>BAL=>CLE=>TEN TEN=>HOU=>CLE=>TEN PHI=>OAK=>DAL=>PHI PHI=>KC=>WAS=>PHI BUF=>MIA=>NO=>BUF BUF=>NYJ=>TB=>BUF MIN=>NO=>CAR=>MIN NO=>CAR=>GB=>NO MIA=>DEN=>KC=>MIA MIA=>CAR=>TB=>MIA […]

Other Sports

One of the most common questions I get is whether Beatpaths.com is also interested in attempting to rank teams from other sports. The answer is: Absolutely! I’m curious how it will work with college football, where there aren’t many shared opponents, and with basketball/baseball, where there are a ton of shared opponents. Will it be […]

King Kaufman Salon.com writeup

Beatpaths.com was written up in a hilarious King Kaufman article over at salon.com today. You have to watch an ad to read it (if you’re not a member), but here’s an excerpt: What’s a beatpath? Search me. Here’s the explanation: “If a team beats another team, who beats a third team, and it doesn’t become […]