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One of the most common questions I get is whether Beatpaths.com is also interested in attempting to rank teams from other sports.

The answer is: Absolutely! I’m curious how it will work with college football, where there aren’t many shared opponents, and with basketball/baseball, where there are a ton of shared opponents. Will it be one big beatloop? Will everyone end up tied for both first and last? Will it solve the bowl championship series?

The sticking point is that I need to find free data sources of wins and losses for the current season and past seasons of these sports – preferably in a downloadable format, like comma-separated text.

I’ve found one so far for college football, but it doesn’t have the information on what division and conference the teams are in.

If you know of any locations on the web to find this data, leave a comment.

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  1. ECH says:

    Many years ago, when I was a student at Rice University, the school paper has a sports article about how Rice should be ranked #1 as the Owls had beaten team A, who beat team B, going on to about 100 teams, to the top ranked team. It was hilarious.

  2. ThunderThumbs says:

    Man, you could probably easily write a program for that, to justify just about any team playing for the national championship. How funny.

  3. Pat says:

    Actually, it already exists.

    Also, the college football conferences are listed here.

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