Week 11 NCAA Beatpath Graph

Here’s the beatpath graph for all friggin’ 712 teams in NCAA college football (according to Massey) through 11/5/05.


You have fun with that.

Yeah, I know you can’t see a thing. It’s pretty damn funny in my opinion. Rest assured that USC and other teams you’d expect are near the top of the graph.

The funniest part about it, though, is that there’s that tiny collection of teams that is completely separate from the rest of the graph, the top team of which has no beatlosses. That team (which I guess should be in the running for the National Championship!) is Trinity CT. All of the other teams are snarled together, though.

The system also calculated a full ranking, but it’s pretty silly. There are a lot of teams that have no beatlosses with a maximum beatpower score of 100.0 so you’ve got Wisconsin Whitewater up in the top rankings with USC and Texas. But, I’ll be able to re-run this all with Division 1-A teams only, ignoring any matchups outside of the division, and see how that looks.

However, if you look at all the 100.0 teams and sort by how many beatwins they actually have, then it looks like the top four are Florida St, Texas, USC, and Alabama. Yes, Florida St. looks odd – but they have a beatpath to Miami, who hasn’t beatlooped them, and have developed alternate valid beatpaths to the other teams they’ve lost to.

The worst team of the 712? Tri-State IN, with 281 beatlosses.

I’m sure this will look different once I run it with Division 1-A teams only.

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