Beatpaths NFL Games: Week 10

As before, we’ll update this entry multiple times as more games conclude.

Late Games: Holy crap, did Washington really lose due to an offsides penalty on an extra point? Man! Some huge swings due to the upsets. This ended up being a fascinating week. Due to Tampa Bay’s win, and Green Bay beating Atlanta, Minnesota ends up with a straight beatpath over the Giants – the Giants sink like a stone from their inability to develop beatloops or alternate beatpaths over any team further up the chain. A couple of surprises – due to the collapses of teams high up in the rankings, neither the Redskins nor the Falcons sink in the rankings. San Francisco collapses due to losing the beatpath over Tampa Bay, and Miami rises due to Carolina beatlooping the Jets. Update: – No change to the graph or rankings after Pittsburgh beats Cleveland.

Big movers:


Early Games: The first few finishers didn’t result in a huge change in the graph – Arizona fell a few slots, and Buffalo rose a few. But MIN and NE made it interesting. And damn, I was really annoyed that I missed the Giants’ game-tying drive, but then when I switched over, the crowd was completely silent after the Vikings’ field goal. And that’s the answer of this week’s brainteaser. Tampa Bay wanted the Vikings to win because it means that they shake off their beatloss to San Francisco. And New England, by winning, shakes off both their beatlooses from Denver and Carolina – since Miami had beaten them both. Due to that, Carolina isn’t propped up high in the graph by NE anymore. Minnesota definitely made this week interesting.


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