NCAA Week 12 Top Forty Beatpath Graph

Well, this is more academic than anything else, because it doesn’t include any of this weekend’s games (still waiting on Massey Ratings to come back online). This is all from last week. But I’ve managed to create a process to create a beatpath graph for the top forty ranked teams in NCAA Division 1-A.

The system analyzes all 700+ college football teams and generates a beatpath graph of everyone (which is so laughably large that no one will ever see it). Then I cull all the teams that aren’t Division 1-A, but keep their beatpaths – meaning, if Miami beats Podunk Tech beats Georgia, Miami will still keep its beatpath to Georgia. Then I calculate the Top 40 Teams using the same method to get power rankings. Then I cull out all the teams that aren’t in the Top 40 and generate the graph that you see here.

They’re colored by conference (I chose random colors, suggestions of better color combos appreciated). Also, the arrows are only for relationships within the Top 40. For instance, Virginia and Michigan don’t have beatwins or beatlosses to anyone in the Top 40, but they do with other teams. Because of this, the length of the beatpaths aren’t really indicative of how good a team is… I mean, it sort of is, but not really. It’s indicative of something. 🙂


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