NFL Thanksgiving Games Preview

A quick preview of the two pay someone to do your assignment Thanksgiving games:

Denver at Dallas: In terms of the visible graph, not much happens if Denver wins – they get an extra direct beatwin to solidify their hold on their existing beatpaths. However, if they lose, things start getting pretty tenuous, as they lose their beatpath to Washington. If they lose, they’ll also lose their #2 spot in the rankings.

Atlanta at Detroit: If Atlanta wins, Detroit loses their beatpath over Green Bay. If Detroit wins, they shake off their beatloss to Minnesota.

2 Responses to NFL Thanksgiving Games Preview

  1. Chris says:

    Actually, isn’t Denver’s win just taken out through a Denver -> Dallas -> Giants -> Denver beatloop instead?

  2. ThunderThumbs says:

    Yep, you’re right – I missed that. In a way it’s kind of insurance that Denver has from being hurt by their loss to the Giants, if San Diego beats Denver later this season.

    Man, that was a good game. I was emotionally invested in that game. 🙂

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