Daily Archives: November 26, 2005

Beatpaths NFL Week 12 Preview

Time to preview the week’s other upcoming games. Here’s the post-Thanksgiving graph, along with the operative beatloops. Splits: STL/ARI, BAL/PIT DEN=>SD=>NYG=>DEN NYJ=>MIA=>DEN=>NYJ SF=>TB=>WAS=>SF TEN=>BAL=>CLE=>TEN TEN=>HOU=>CLE=>TEN PHI=>OAK=>DAL=>PHI PHI=>OAK=>WAS=>PHI PHI=>KC=>WAS=>PHI PHI=>SD=>NYG=>PHI BUF=>MIA=>NO=>BUF BUF=>NYJ=>TB=>BUF BUF=>KC=>OAK=>BUF MIN=>NO=>CAR=>MIN ATL=>MIN=>GB=>ATL NO=>CAR=>GB=>NO NYJ=>MIA=>CAR=>NYJ ATL=>NYJ=>TB=>ATL MIA=>DEN=>KC=>MIA MIA=>CAR=>TB=>MIA ATL=>DET=>GB=>ATL DET=>CLE=>CHI=>DET BAL=>CLE=>CHI=>BAL NE=>PIT=>SD=>NE NE=>MIA=>DEN=>NE CAR=>NE=>MIA=>CAR CAR=>NE=>NO=>CAR DAL=>SD=>OAK=>DAL DAL=>NYG=>DEN=>DAL DAL=>NYG=>WAS=>DAL JAC=>SEA=>STL=>JAC (Note: The beatfluke version of […]

Breaking Beatloops With Beatflukes

Under what circumstances should a beatloop be broken? When beatloops are removed, it means that data about team relationships are being taken out of the graph. So far, beatloops have only been broken if smaller beatloops with common teams were removed first. This means the system is fairly liberal about removing beatloops. But I’ve started […]