Monthly Archives: November 2005

Beatpaths NFL Games: Week 11

As before, we’ll update this entry multiple times as more games conclude. KC develops a beatpath over Houston, which changes the layout of the graph, but the relationships are pretty much the same as they were before the game. Right now the only teams without beatlosses are Indianapolis, Denver, Tampa Bay, and San Diego. It […]

Strength Of Beatgroups

One of the things I’m toying with for future algorithm variants is how to measure “Strength Of Beatgroups”. Here’s an example. For this last week in the NFL, only four teams have no beatlosses: Indianapolis, Denver, Tampa Bay, and Carolina. These are the only possible options for who can be ranked #1. The question becomes […]

Open Thread

Any requests for new features to add to the site? Enhancements to the graph? Enhancements to the power rankings? What’s the next sport that should be added to the mix? Here’s the list of things I’m considering: Prettier graphs – I should be able to get anti-aliased graphs back into the picture. Interactive functionality. This […]

NCAA 1-A Week 11 Beatpaths

All right, we have a quick look now at the college rankings for just the Division 1-A teams. This time I’m using the BCS as a tiebreaker for when teams’ BeatPower rankings are identical. Here’s the graph, just to get a general visual idea (sorry, it’s big enough that I had to shrink it down […]

Week 11 NCAA Beatpath Graph

Here’s the beatpath graph for all friggin’ 712 teams in NCAA college football (according to Massey) through 11/5/05. You have fun with that. Yeah, I know you can’t see a thing. It’s pretty damn funny in my opinion. Rest assured that USC and other teams you’d expect are near the top of the graph. The […]