Monthly Archives: September 2007

2007 Week 3 Beatpaths Rankings

We have our first beatloop. Can you see it? Yep, the one beatloop so far is ARI=>SEA=>CIN=>BAL=>ARI . For those new people, the reason we cancel out beatloops is not because we see the teams as roughly equivalent – it’s simply because it makes the direct relationship between those teams ambiguous, and because we assume […]

2007 Week 2 Beatpaths Rankings

And we’re already getting interesting! What’s interesting: I like how there’s that cell of six teams. All the other teams are interrelated, but those six are off in their own world. And it underscores my point about the NFC East so far. Those plus Green Bay and Miami? It still could be that the entire […]

2007 Week 1 Power Rankings

Well, well, well. We are quite possible back for the 2007 season. To be honest, I’m still thinking about whether I want to do it for the whole season, but I’m noticing I’m still getting traffic, and I felt curious about how things would start looking, so here we are. First, here is the beatpaths […]