2007 MLB Playoffs, rounds 194 and 195

After the first day of the MLB playoffs, the power rankings were exactly the same, except that the Red Sox really are ranked #1 ahead of the Yankees, and the Diamondbacks really are ranked ahead of the Dodgers. The graph looks identical with the exception of the Red Sox developing a beatpath over the Angels.

Round 195 (Thursday’s games) have no effect. The Indians’ victory over the Yankees is merely seen as an upset, that doesn’t change the graph or the rankings in any way.


FYI, a “round” is a set of games that is guaranteed to not have a team play twice. In the case of double-headers, a round might only be one game. Other times, a round might contain games of almost every team. Since opening day, there have been 195 rounds. (This is what gets me thinking I should automate this more so that beatpaths.com gets autoposted whenever a round is completed…)

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  1. JT says:

    Since I saw the post yesterday, I drew up two little graphs that just included the games between playoff teams (ignoring interleague, to keep things manageable).

    Adding in the playoff games through Thursday changes those results a bit.

    The AL version becomes:
    BOS -x1-> LAA -x1-> NYY -x5-> CLE
    (with a hidden direct path BOS -x3-> CLE)

    In the NL, the results tie Colorado and Chicago back into the graph:
    ARI -x2-> CHC
    ARI -x4-> PHI
    COL -x2-> PHI
    (with no connection between ARI and COL)

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