NFC’s Reputation Rides On DAL@BUF

I was playing with scenarios today and all I’ve got to say is that if Buffalo beats Dallas tonight… we’ll have quite the controversial beatpath graph. If you look at the Week 4 Graph, you’ll see that there isn’t a lot of interconference play represented in the graph. If Buffalo wins, despite their placement in the graph, they’ll actually have a beatpath to Dallas, and everyone below Dallas. Try to visualize that.

5 Responses to NFC’s Reputation Rides On DAL@BUF

  1. doktarr says:

    That would really push the AFC South into the stratosphere. But it’s not gonna happen, so they will have to share the roost with the NFC East for now.

  2. dok says:

    Uh… never mind.

  3. ThunderThumbs says:


    That would have been so cool had they won. The graph was unreal.

  4. SB says:

    You should post it anyway. Just seeing what we missed would be fantastic.

  5. dok says:


    It’s not that hard to visualize. Just take the 8-team block in the top right corner of the graph, shove it between Buffalo and Cleveland, and slide everything below Cleveland down. Minnesota and Atlanta slide down with them as well. Basically, you get a much more vertical graph.

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