Daily Archives: October 15, 2007

2007 NFL Week 6 Beatpaths Rankings

A couple of nice upsets this week, which leads to a couple of new beatloops. But the graph changes aren’t too extreme. The NFC East slips, the NFC South rises, and a lot of other things stay the same. Plus: NE@DAL wasn’t actually the biggest game last week. And: there’s a bigger game next week. […]

2007 MLB Playoffs, Rounds 199 and 200

No changes in the rankings or beatpath graph for the baseball games so far, through Sunday’s games. The Indians are still seen as inferior to both the Yankees and the Red Sox, but would still be favored over the Rockies in the World Series. Any baseball fans here with theories on why the Indians might […]

2007 NFL Week 6 Quick Look

Interesting bunch of games. At this point, before MNF, the rankings actually look rather stable compared to last week. There’s only one team that has moved more than four slots in the rankings either direction, and that’s Tampa Bay. We have the same top eighteen teams and the same bottom fourteen teams. More after MNF.