2007 MLB Playoffs, Rounds 199 and 200

No changes in the rankings or beatpath graph for the baseball games so far, through Sunday’s games. The Indians are still seen as inferior to both the Yankees and the Red Sox, but would still be favored over the Rockies in the World Series.

Any baseball fans here with theories on why the Indians might be performing better than expected? Did they go through any sort of personnel improvements late in the season that were more significant than any improvements the Yankees or Red Sox made?

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  1. David says:

    A thought… the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season as you well know. The Indians are helped by two dominant starters and two mediocre starters. The Red Sox have Beckett who has been dominating but Schilling is a shell of his former self, Matsuzaka tailed off at the end of the year and the rest of Boston’s rotation is weak. The BoSox bullpen needs the starters to go at least 6 innings to be effective. The Inidans achilles heel is Borowski who makes Joe Nathan’s theatrics look like Dennis Eckersley.

    It all boils down to this good pitching beats good hitting in the playoffs!

  2. Kenneth says:

    They were a pretty good team to begin with. I know Beatpaths says they weren’t as good, but they were still good. And in the playoffs, teams can get hot over other ones (see: last seasons’ Cardinals).

    I don’t think they’re overperforming; I think they’re a quality team, as good as the Red Sox or Yankees.

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