2007 NFL Week 7 Picks

In my ongoing campaign to eventually someday be included on King Kaufman’s Panel O’ Experts and compete for his grand prize of dinner at his house, even though I’ll never win, I am posting NFL picks. This is for Week 7.

Please note that if you actually use pure beatpath picks for your own picks, you’re insane. We don’t even pay attention to home field advantage here.

Baltimore at BUFFALO: Neither team has a beatpath to the other, but Buffalo is ranked higher, despite their disparity in win-loss records. Refer to the rankings to see why Baltimore is ranked so low.

Atlanta at NEW ORLEANS: Neither team has a beatpath to the other, but New Orleans is ranked higher. Both teams just went through changes – Atlanta with a new quarterback, and New Orleans just kind of stopped sucking.

Arizona at WASHINGTON: Washington has a long beatpath to Arizona and is very favored. However, Arizona can create a long beatloop if they win, and rise in the rankings considerably.

San Francisco at NEW YORK GIANTS: The Giants have a long beatpath to San Francisco and are favored. Another opportunity for a long beatloop here though that could scramble the graph if San Francisco wins…

NEW ENGLAND at Miami: New England has a beatpath to Miami. Is the trap game to end all trap games, though?

TENNESSEE at Houston: Tennessee has a beatpath to Houston and is favored.

TAMPA BAY at Detroit: Neither team has a beatpath to the other, but Tampa Bay is highly favored.

KANSAS CITY at Oakland: Neither team has a beatpath to the other, and the teams are also very closely ranked, but Kansas City is favored. This should be a good game.

New York Jets at CINCINNATI: The Bengals have a beatpath to the Jets and are favored, although they are very closely ranked.

St. Louis at SEATTLE: Seattle has a beatpath to St. Louis.

Chicago at PHILADELPHIA: Philadelphia has a beatpath to Chicago through Detroit, and is favored.

Minnesota at DALLAS: Dallas has a beatpath to Minnesota.

PITTSBURGH at Denver: Neither team has a beatpath to the other, but Pittsburgh is ranked higher than Denver, mostly because of Denver’s loss to San Diego.

INDIANAPOLIS at Jacksonville: Indianapolis has a beatpath to Jacksonville and is favored.

All in all, there are a lot of matches between teams with beatpath relationships this week. That means the graph could go through a lot of changes if there are any upsets. Once again, that CIN=>BAL link has more than one opportunity to be broken. It did last week too, although there were no upsets that made it happen.

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