Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

Cable Packages

After getting jerked around one too many times by Comcast, I’m going to switch to something cooler. I’ve been getting by on expanded basic for too long. I do currently use Comcast for cable internet and might keep that, but my main question here is, what satellite service is best for the NFL? I’m so […]

2007 NFL Week 8 Beatpaths Rankings

Only two upsets this week, although one of them affects the graph considerably. Jacksonville was ranked only three spots behind Tampa Bay, but by busting Tampa Bay’s beatpath to them, they untie the NFC South from the AFC South, which flattens the graph considerably. And, the rankings: Rank Team Notes Last Week BeatPower 1 (Beat […]

2007 MLB Final Rankings

After Round 209 – the conclusion of the Red Sox sweeping the Rockies, here is the final beatpath graph of the 2007 Major League Baseball Season. At the end of the regular season, the Beatpaths graph picked either the Red Sox or the Yankees to beat the Rockies in the World Series. The only thing […]