2007 MLB Final Rankings

After Round 209 – the conclusion of the Red Sox sweeping the Rockies, here is the final beatpath graph of the 2007 Major League Baseball Season.


At the end of the regular season, the Beatpaths graph picked either the Red Sox or the Yankees to beat the Rockies in the World Series. The only thing that happened that wasn’t quite true to regular season form was the Indians defeating the Yankees.

The actual rankings are the same as they were at the conclusion of the regular season, with the following teams considered tied:

  • Angels, Rockies
  • Blue Jays, Padres
  • Giants, Braves
  • Cardinals, Brewers
  • White Sox, Orioles
  • Devil Rays, Royals

2 Responses to 2007 MLB Final Rankings

  1. JT says:

    Very interesting. That it seems to match up with the season results (for the most part) in another sport lends more credibility to this method of analysis.

    I know you don’t follow baseball much, but I hope you find some way to perhaps publish a beatpaths graph for baseball a few times next season. Perhaps monthly, or something.

  2. miles says:

    interesting that 3 AL east teams had no beatlosses to another team in their division (actually, they are the only ones with out beatloses at all). Only the NL central had 2 teams that had no beatlosses to another team in the division (brewers and cubs).

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