Salon’s Panel O’ Experts

The official announcement that Beatpaths is part of King Kaufman’s Panel O’ Experts this year…

New to the Panel this year is Curt Siffert, proprietor of Beatpaths, a Web site that does something with math and charts that I’ve spent a good seven minutes trying to figure out over the last three years, without success. But it looks cool.

Siffert has warned his readers that the Beatpaths picks, which are based on what has happened so far this season, will be sort of ridiculous in the early going.

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  1. The MOOSE says:

    Grats on living the dream!

    Based on last years numbers for the Standard, Weighted and Iterative methods:

    Standard went 9-7 in Week 1, picking exactly like you did with the exception of taking PIT over HOU.

    Weighted went 6-10, straying from your picks by selecting WAS over NYG, PIT over HOU, SEA over BUF, and OAK over DEN, netting two more losses.

    Iterative went 6-10, also having picked WAS over NYG and SEA over BUF.

    So far Standard is in the lead, and week 2 will likely be the last week where the 2007 season will weigh in on selections.

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