2008 NFL Week 2 Discussion

Miscellaneous observations so far:

The longest beatpath so far is from the NY Giants through Detroit.

Second longest is Carolina through Minnesota.

Beatpaths outperformed me this week! 10-4 so far, and I went against two of the successful picks.

Buffalo is undefeated over two winless teams that are supposed to be good.

San Diego is winless under two undefeated teams that are supposed to be bad.

Teams with three or more teams under them: NYG (6), WAS (4), CAR (4), NO (3), DEN (3), NE (3), ARI (3). Either PHI or DAL will join that list with 3 if they don’t tie. If Houston had beaten Baltimore, then PIT would have joined the list with 4.

Looking at Arizona’s beatpaths (MIA, SF, SEA), it reminds me again of how teams in weak divisions have a draft disadvantage. If they keep splitting season series with each other, they’ll have better records than if they reside in a tough division where they get swept all the time.

Oakland could quite possibly not stink.

3 Responses to 2008 NFL Week 2 Discussion

  1. The MOOSE says:

    I’m pretty surprised by how the graph turned out this week. Regardless of who wins tonight, every team will be connected to the main graph which I think is rare for Week 2.

    My graph has TEN and BUF on the second lowest tier despite being 2-0, and STL on the second highest tier despite being 0-2. If Dallas wins tonight they’ll end up on the top of the chart along with PIT pushing everyone down a tier, but CLE will then be 0-2 and on the second highest tier.

    And chances are OAK does stink, KC just stinks more.

    By the way TT, how many heart attacks did you have during the DEN-SD game last night?

  2. ThunderThumbs says:

    I didn’t get the game here in portland, and I couldn’t make it to a bar because I had a band rehearsal… argh! So my fandom was limited to checking my iPhone – quite a bit during the last bit. I saw it at 38-31 and saw they were driving late in the fourth. And I thought to myself that if Shanahan cared at all about shaking off this malaise of the last couple seasons, he’d HAVE to go for two… but then I was floored he actually did. And then I inhaled all the video highlight footage I could find last night.

    That’s wild about Cutler, though. Given the bad officiating, you can see that right now he’s right on the knife’s edge between being a choking gunslinger (two bad red zone mistakes) and a truly clutch quarterback. Everyone’s talking about the fumble (and it was awful), but I’m also impressed that he shook it off that fast to hit the two end zone passes. And he did it at the end of the first half, too. Pretty amazing.

    I don’t really think San Diego fans have a lot of indignance to fall back on, though – you can’t really say that you’ve “outplayed” another team when the stats were that even.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Speaking as an unbiased NFC fan who was watching that game…I thought San Diego got hosed. I mean, even as it was happening I thought it was a fumble (or at least close enough to let it play out).

    I pretty much subscribe to the theory that you can’t blame one play out of a whole game as being the deciding factor (see: my White Sox vs. the Angels in the 2005 ALCS), but that’s hard to stand by when the moment would have definitely ended the game in your favor if it goes the other way. Still, San Diego has to shake it off at that point and finish the job.

    I was really floored by Shanahan’s guts. Kudos to him.

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