2008 NFL Week 3 Beatpaths Graph

Here’s the Beatpaths graph for Week 3. This is the first week where things are starting to look clean. Beatpaths picks were 11-5 10-6 this week.

How about that NFC East, eh?


Two beatloops were removed: MIA->NE->NYJ->MIA, and MIN->CAR->CHI->IND->MIN .

7 Responses to 2008 NFL Week 3 Beatpaths Graph

  1. doktarr says:

    Yeah, being collectively 8-0 outside your division will make your division look good. Still, it’s a little frustrating to hear announcers say “even the Redskins are good”. Thanks a lot, guys. I’m looking forward to the ‘skins going 8-8 with a 2-6 division record and missing the playoffs. That’s gonna be super.

    It’s a bit odd to see the other team I root for sitting next to St. Louis at the bottom. That’s not exactly familiar territory for Peyton and company. The knee injury doesn’t seem to be affecting Manning’s throws, but he still can’t run to the edge to sell the play fake, which really hurts the Colts running game. It will be interesting to see if the stretch play returns to the playbook after the bye week.

  2. JT says:

    I’ve got to agree with doktarr regarding the Redskins. They look good, but it’s hard to see if they are “good enough” to do well against their division rivals.

    I rather like how the NFC West has aligned itself into a nice path from Arizona to St Louis. None of the other divisions have such a clean path, which is probably a result of a scheduling quirk and game outcomes.

  3. ThunderThumbs says:

    Yeah, but look at the graph… Washington’s opponents appear far tougher than Dallas’ or Philadelphia’s so far. At least judging by who their opponents have beaten.

    Some of this is inflated by possible scheduling quirks, like… the NFC West is all in a row, but it might just be because of very tiny gradations of “very very bad” all the way up to the top. But New Orleans is looking pretty good, too.

  4. doktarr says:

    While the other NFCE teams have all played at least one cupcake, they each also have one win (Giants beating Washington, Philly beating Pittsburgh, Dallas beating Philly and Green Bay) that is more impressive to me than either of Washington’s wins. I like what Zorn is doing with Campbell this year, but as long as Dan Snyder is making a splash every offseason trying to reinvent the wheel, this team will never really blossom. You need continuity.

    Arizona is not the only team with beatpaths to the whole division – Tennessee and Denver have pulled that off too.

  5. JT says:

    I see what you’re saying about Washington’s opponents compared to Philadelphia or Dallas, but as I’m sure you know with only 3 weeks of games, the data to make such conclusions on is pretty limited. Still, you work with what you’ve got.

    I saw that Denver and Tennessee currently have beatpaths to the rest of their divisions, which is pretty cool this early in the season. But the NFC West appeals because it is a straight chain from ARI->SF->SEA->STL. It’ll be interesting to see if that holds up for long.

  6. The MOOSE says:

    The graph is always unstable at the beginning of the year. Once we get a few more games under our belts we’ll have a better understanding of this year’s teams.

    I’ve put up my graphs now, hopefully it’ll be a little easier to get around them this year compared to last year. Check them out at http://www.twomuffin.com/BeatPaths.php

    WAS still rates high on these lists because they have beaten teams that have beaten teams. As for DAL being highest on the Standard and Iterative graphs, that is more of a function of my graph maker. It was unable to properly place the 6-team group comprised of PIT, TEN, BAL, HOU, CLE, and CIN as it did for the Weighted method. Everyone in that group should be three levels lower in the graph, which in turn would lower PHI and DAL by three each. Essentially, it’d look exactly like the graph shown at the top of this thread, which is why I’m not going to bother to fix it.

  7. Kenneth says:

    I dunno, so far I haven’t been super impressed by Washington…thought they have bounced back nicely from their opening night loss.

    In non-measurables, I think some of the mediocre teams (like the Redskins might turn out to be) are being helped by the absolute disasters going on right now in Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, etc…there’s not going to be a lot of attention focused on them with so many easier targets to attack.

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