Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

2008 NFL Week 4 Picks

Beatpaths was 10-6 last week, for a total record of 29-18. My “personal picks” that conflict with the Beatpaths picks were 1-1; I’m 2-3 so far. This looks like a semi-boring week, with several interesting teams having byes. Atlanta at CAROLINA: Carolina is highly favored over Atlanta. The two teams are playing for a beatpath, […]

Errata, Week 3

I don’t seem to have to do this often, but here’s a bit of errata – since I was playing around with new tiebreakers, I forgot to put Week 2’s results into the system when I came up with Week 3. I’ve corrected it now, with three effects: Week 3 was 10-6, not 11-5. I […]