2008 NFL Week 4 Discussion

What was it I was saying about this week being boring? A pile of points in New York, Kansas City wins, and at this moment I the scoreboard shows Oakland shutting out San Diego, St. Louis winning, and Washington ahead of Dallas…

2 Responses to 2008 NFL Week 4 Discussion

  1. Tom says:

    you jinxed oakland and st.louis
    don’t jinx the skins, #$%^ the cowboys

  2. The MOOSE says:

    Serviceable week on the picks if Baltimore can pull it out tonight. My rating system actually ranked WAS (4.89) higher than DAL (4.42) so got that pick right. However, it set both SD and OAK at a tie (-1.47) so using the “whoever was higher the previous week” method, I would end up picking OAK. Yeech.

    As much as I hate to lay stock in the weighted method, it won for the week. It had WAS over DAL like the other methods, but picked ATL over CAR that didn’t work out. It picked SD over OAK based on points. Where it also disagreed was TB over GB.

    So far this week Standard and Iterative are 6-6 while the Weighted is 7-5. All three have BAL tonight.

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