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2008 NFL Graphs/Rankings – Inter/Intra

Here’s a quick runthrough of the entire 2008 season if we were to exclude all inter/intra matches. I’m also posting picks for each week, and the season performance compared to the current system’s season performance. Week 1 had no games to exclude, so it’s identical to the Week 1 already posted – picks record 8-8. […]

Pick Confidence – Week 17

Tom here with the “confidence” rankings of this week’s picks, based on comparing the BeatPower scores of each match-up. The picks took a beating last week, but nevertheless, the high confidence picks still did twice as well as the low confidence picks, even on a bad week overall. Here are this week’s: Matchup(Winner-Loser) “Confidence”(out of […]

Ranking Stability – Week 16

As it turns out, given the number of upsets this past week, instability in the ranking has shot up again. Last week’s dip was only a temporary reprieve. Cincinnati and Tampa Bay are the two “big movers” (teams moving 10+ ranking spots) this week. Also seeing significant shifts: Indianapolis, Carolina, and Dallas.

2008 Week 16 Beatpaths Rankings

Kenneth here, saying welcome back to the Rankings! There’s been a lot of activity on the site lately, and a lot of talk about how to improve the formula for beatloop removal and ranking, but for now we’re using the old reliable. And speaking of old reliable… Rank Team Notes Last Week BeatPower 1 (Lost […]

2008 NFL Week 17 Playoff Picture

We didn’t get quite into examining the playoff picture, but here’s how we normally do it. We look at the rankings, and find the highest ranked team from each division, and then the remaining two highest ranked teams from each conference. For Week 17 (before 17’s games), the playoff picture looks like this: AFC: 1. […]

Beatloop Removal Approaches

Zooming out as I’m apt to do, another quick/reminder exploration of the various algorithms. This is restricted entirely to the graph methods. The goal here has always been to create a pecking order of the teams, based off of wins and losses and nothing else. This means a DAG – a directed acyclic graph. Acyclic […]

2008 NFL Week 16 Beatpath Graph

Well. I have had quite the crisis of confidence this week with the beatpath graph and the algorithm, all because of the freaking NY Jets. There’s no way the NY Jets should be ranked #1, I thought. There’s no way they should be at the top of the beatpath graph, with a beatpath to almost […]