Daily Archives: December 6, 2008

Pick Confidence – Week 14

Tom here with the “confidence” ratings for this week’s picks, based on comparing the BeatPower ratings for each team. The greater the difference between BeatPower scores, the greater the expectation of the model that the pick is correct. The numbers are taken from the rankings from last week. Matchup(Winner-Loser) “Confidence”(out of 100) BeatPower comparison(predicted winner […]

2008 NFL Week 14 Picks

Two weekends ago, the picks were 10-6, for a total record of 106-69-1. I was 1-1 on the personal picks, or 14-12 for the year. Last week the picks were 11-5, for a total record of 117-74-1. I was 1-2 on the personal picks, or 15-14 for the year. I’m finding it hard to beat […]