Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

2008 NFL Week 16 Picks

Thursday again, and the weeks keep seeming to get shorter. The picks were 9-7 last week, for a total record of 135-88-1. I was 0-2 on the personal picks, since I picked both Arizona and the NY Giants – this brings me back to even on the year, at 16-16. INDIANAPOLIS at Jacksonville: Indianapolis has […]

Ranking Stability – Week 15

Looks like the rankings have calmed down again this week. No “big movers” (teams moving 10+ ranks). The top and bottom of the rankings seem fairly stable this week (although Carolina and Denver switched places), while the middle saw most of the turmoil (the majority of which was leapfrogged by Chicago). Despite a number of […]

2008 NFL Week 15 Beatpaths Rankings

If it’s Wednesday night, then it must be time for beatpath rankings! More shifting around this week, with another team leaping boldly to the top spot. Let’s get on with it! Rank Team Notes Last Week BeatPower 1 (Beat DEN) I know, I was surprised by this too. Carolina’s win over Denver removed their beatloss […]