2008 NFL Week 17 Inter/Intra Beatpaths Graph

Here’s a different beatpath graph for end of the 2008 season.

I’m surprised at how clear this looks. This is based off of my brainstorming post last week and the ensuing discussion. What I did for this graph is I simply excluded all matches this season that were intra-conference or inter-conference seeding matches. Every team had two games excluded; a home game and an away game.


3 Responses to 2008 NFL Week 17 Inter/Intra Beatpaths Graph

  1. The MOOSE says:

    Assuming I understood the description correctly, intra-conference/inter-division is what you’re looking for. The games you’re removing are the two games each team plays that are within the same conference (intra) but outside of the division (inter).

    What I don’t get is.. why? These games provide valuable information.

  2. ThunderThumbs says:

    The theory is that these games create beatwins that are harder to beatloop than other games – so that the game outcome can have an outsized affect on the graph/rankings, compared to other game outcomes. If we just remove *all* of them, then maybe we can see how the remaining graph/rankings perform in comparison. I’ll put up a 2008 review based off of this variant, working on it now.

  3. Alternator says:

    Looking at this graph and comparing it to the standard model, it’s amazing how much the Jets were being propped up by their strength of schedule games. Also interesting: that the Cardinals only have two teams above them despite an 8-8 record; the relative isolation of the NFC South despite strong overall records; and that all roads to Detroit go through Green Bay.

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