Daily Archives: January 7, 2009

2008 NFL Regular Season Picks

This is a week late in review, but this thread is for discussion of picks records for the 2008 season. Beatpaths was 150-105-1 for 2008. My own personal picks, informed by beatpaths but occasionally overruled, helped by a 3-0 final week, were three games better, for 153-102-1. I believe King Kaufman got to 151-104-1 after […]

2008 NFL Wildcard Beatpaths Graph

Here’s the graph after the wildcard round. Two games had no impact: BAL already had a beatwin over MIA. IND has an alternate beatpath to SD to overcome the season split. But, the PHI->MIN win creates a PHI->MIN->NYG->WAS->PHI beatloop, removing beatlosses for both NYG and PHI. And, the ARI->ATL win busts two longer beatloops in […]

Retroactive Pick Record

Hey folks, Tom here again. One important aspect to designing a system like Beatpaths is to look for confirmation that the system is indeed getting better as more information is fed into it. I’ve already been looking into one aspect of this, by tracking the stability of the rankings that Beatpaths produces week-on-week. As more […]