Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Pick Confidence – Divisional Playoffs

Tom here with the confidence rankings for the four divisional playoff games this week: Matchup(Winner-Loser) “Confidence”(out of 100) BeatPower comparison(predicted winner – predicted loser) Result Pittsburgh-San Diego 63.2 85.7-22.5 CORRECT Carolina-Arizona 23.9 93.5-69.6 WRONG Tennessee-Baltimore 13.8 94.6-80.8 WRONG NY Giants-Philadelphia 2.3 92.3-90.0 WRONG Like last week, the BeatPower comparisons of the matchups produces picks that […]

2008 NFL Divisional Picks

I didn’t really give picks for the wildcard round since the season was over and since they were divinable by the rankings, but what the heck. The home teams are all favored this week. A rare week of harmony with the conventional wisdom. Baltimore at TENNESSEE: No change anywhere if Tennessee wins. If Baltimore wins, […]