Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Pick Confidence – Super Bowl

Tom here with the confidence ranking for the Super Bowl: Matchup(Winner-Loser) “Confidence”(out of 100) BeatPower comparison(predicted winner – predicted loser) Result Pittsburgh-Arizona 12.5 85.7-73.2 CORRECT Beatpaths has a 3-7 pick record in the post-season. One notable difference between the regular season picks and the post-season picks is that very few of the post-season picks are […]

2008 NFL Conference Beatpaths Rankings

Hey Folks. Kenneth here, just hours away from the big game, and I’m here with the rankings as they are going into the game. There may not be much to say about every team, but I’ll try to explain what there is. Also, don’t think this game is meaningless in the final graph. There’s a […]