2009 NFL Week 8 Beatpath Picks

Time for the Week 8 picks!

We had more upsets last week – Beatpaths was 7-6 (picking Chicago over Cincinnati), while IT and the official ITB picks were 8-5. I didn’t make any personal picks, so I am still two ahead of the ITB picks for the season. The BeatPicks were 4-1, or 15-3 for the season. Ten (!) of the thirteen games are BeatPicks this week, and for the second week in a row I’m not making any personal pick. I thought about picking the NY Jets and Philadelphia, but Miami has played so well in their losses, and I am just not sure I even want to emotionally invest in Philadelphia.

Once again, the beatpicks are: If there is a beatpath, pick the favored team. Otherwise, pick the team with the best win-loss record. If they’re the same, pick who beatpaths favors in the beatpath rankings. An (x) means you might want to consider overruling in favor of the home team.

  Isaacson-Tarbell Beatpaths Isaacson-Tarbell-Beatpaths
Record So Far 65-38 71-32 71-32
Last Week 8-5 7-6 8-5
Denver (6-0) at Baltimore (3-3): Denver has two (short) beatpaths to Baltimore, and are a unanimous pick. This is also a BeatPick. DEN DEN* DEN
Houston (4-3) at Buffalo (3-4): Houston appears lower in this week’s beatpath graph, but they’re ranked a few slots ahead, another unanimous pick for Houston. HOU HOU HOU
Cleveland (1-6) at Chicago (3-3): This is a pretty closely-ranked game. Cleveland’s only beatlosses are to pretty good teams. Still, a unanimous pick for Chicago. CHI CHI CHI
Seattle (2-4) at Dallas (4-2): Dallas has a beatpath to Seattle, so this is a BeatPick – another unanimous pick. DAL DAL* DAL
Miami (2-4) at NY Jets (4-3): This one’s crazy. IT picks the NY Jets due to the better record. Miami actually has a beatpath to the NY Jets, making this a BeatPick. Beatpaths also has Miami ranked three slots ahead. NYJ MIA* (x) MIA
San Francisco (3-3) at Indianapolis (6-0): Indianapolis has a beatpath to San Francisco, so this is a BeatPick, and a unanimous pick for Indianapolis. IND IND* IND
NY Giants (5-2) at Philadelphia (4-2): Philadelphia has a chance to shed their beatloss to Oakland with this game, but otherwise it is a unanimous pick for the NY Giants and a BeatPick. NYG NYG* NYG
St Louis (0-7) at Detroit (1-5): Detroit actually has a beatpath to this team!! DET DET* DET
Oakland (2-5) at San Diego (3-3): San Diego has a beatpath to Oakland, making this a unanimous pick and a BeatPick. SD SD* SD
Jacksonville (3-3) at Tennessee (0-6): Jacksonville is playing for the season sweep. JAC JAC* JAC
Minnesota (6-1) at Green Bay (4-2): Minnesota has the better record and is also ranked ahead of Green Bay, but there is no beatpath between them. MIN MIN MIN
Carolina (2-4) at Arizona (4-2): Arizona has a very long beatpath to Carolina, making this a BeatPick. ARI ARI* ARI
Atlanta (4-2) at New Orleans (6-0): New Orleans has a beatpath to Atlanta through the NFC East, making this a BeatPick. NO NO* NO

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  1. ThunderThumbs says:

    boooooo! boooooooooooo!!!!

  2. doktarr says:

    Well, we’ve finally got plenty of good beatloop data to work with…

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