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2009 NFL Week 12 Beatpath Graph

A more accurate this week for the picks – Isaacson-Tarbell was 12-4, Beatpaths was 11-5, and ITB was 10-6. I was 2-0 on the personal picks, so I am now two ahead of ITB again. The BeatPicks were 8-1 this week, or 39-14 for the season. And here’s the NFL Week 12 Beatpath Graph! A […]

Ranking Analysis – Week 11

Not a tremendous shake-up in the rankings this week. Only two big moves: Washington drops back down following a one-week stint in the middle of the pack; and, the NY Giants regain their stature as a top team after defeating Atlanta. Overall the changes to the rankings seem about par with those made in Week […]

2009 NFL Week 11 Beatpath Rankings

Kenneth here again, everybody! And just barely, it looks like! Well, not really–the first game has already started. Here’s the lesson–never expect to get stuff done on a travel day. Bleah. Wiped me out. Fortunately, the family is not arriving until later today, so I’ve got just enough time to say some asinine things and […]

2009 NFL Week 12 Picks

Time for the Week 12 picks! Happy Dead Turkey day! Isaacson-Tarbell was 11-5 last week, leading all variants. Beatpaths and ITB were both 10-6. I was 0-2 on my personal picks, so I’m now even with ITB for the season. The BeatPicks were 3-2, or 31-13 for the season. There are nine BeatPicks this week, […]

2009 NFL Week 11 Beatpath Graph

Some huge upsets this week, but the overall picks record ended up being a little better than I feared. Isaacson-Tarbell correctly picked Detroit and the NY Giants, but also picked Denver, and finished 11-5. Beatpaths was 10-6, and ITB was 10-6. My personal picks were 0-2, so I am now even with ITB for the […]

2009 NFL Week 11 Picks

Time for the Week 11 picks! Carolina and Miami both have the same record, so IT picks the home team, Carolina. Beatpaths also picks Carolina, which means the ITB pick is Carolina – a unanimous pick. It’s not a BeatPick, and I’m not going to personally pick Miami. Carolina it is! Update: Now for the […]

Analyzing the Rankings – Week 10

A big week for the rankings! A significant reshuffle on par with Week 6. As opposed to previous weeks in which only a couple teams had big moves in the rankings, in Week 10 we have six different teams moving ten or more ranks. Arizona and Washington shoot up, while Buffalo, Denver, Miami, and Oakland […]

2009 NFL Week 10 Beatpath Power Rankings

Kenneth here again, folks! Sorry this is coming up late; I had some problems getting everything togehter. Anyway, I hope you like chaos, cause baby, we got it in spades. Lots of teams moving, lots of loops. Let’s just get right to it. Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Beat NE) One way to […]

2009 NFL Week 10 Beatpath Graph

A pretty memorable week overall, even if just for the NE@IND game. A few more upsets this week, including a huge one with #31 defeating #2. The graph is overall a bit flatter. Beatpaths was 9-6 this week, again leading all variants. ITB was 8-7, while IT was 7-8. I was 2-1 on my personal […]