2009 NCAA College Football, Round 13

Just for grins, here is the graph of the college football season so far. This is every game between all 719 teams. First, I resolved all beatloops. Then, I took out all the teams that weren’t in Div1A, while still respecting the game outcomes. Meaning, if A->B->C->D, but B and C aren’t in Div1A, I absorbed them and changed the beatpath to A->D. Alabama is clearly ranked #1 according to this. No one in the Pac10 is even in the top 25. Click to embiggen. Wake Forest, huh?


7 Responses to 2009 NCAA College Football, Round 13

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, look at the Big East.

  2. doktarr says:

    Imagine if Wake had beaten Georgia Tech (go Jackets!); they’d be even higher. Good thing Tech went for it on 4th down. 😉

  3. Chris says:

    Looking at this chart more closely, your’re missing four FBS teams: Brigham Young, UTEP, Louisiana-Monroe, and Louisiana-Lafayette.

  4. JT says:

    Interesting. The non-conference games make for some interesting relationships that look really stable, so you end up with strange things like Baylor having a beatpath to Ohio St, and things like that.

    My own alma mater (Iowa St) has managed to almost disconnect themselves from the rest of the Big 12 North, but are still under beatpaths from two teams they beat (Baylor & Nebraska). Still, they’ve had a better than expected season. It helps to keep expectations really low.

  5. doktarr says:

    Yeah, in some ways this shows the limits of this approach when applied to a sparse data set. 30 teams having a beatpath to OSU is just weird.

  6. The MOOSE says:

    Man, that graph is rough on my colleges. NMSU and UNM at the dead bottom.

  7. ThunderThumbs says:

    Ah-ha.. thanks for the tip, Chris. I’ll look for them if I run this again this season.

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