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2009 NFL Conference Beatpath Graph

Not many changes here since there were only two games. We’ve got both winners fairly high up in the graph. It looks like we’ll have New Orleans very slightly favored over Indianapolis. However, if you ignore the Week 16 and 17 results for both teams, then Indianapolis would be favored. Loops are after the jump.

2009 NFL Conference Beatpaths Picks

Well, the best weekend of the NFL Season was a bit of a fizzle, at least in terms of excitement level. Maybe next year, eh? ITB and Isaacson-Tarbell were 3-1 last week, while Beatpaths was 2-2. Isaacson-Tarbell Beatpaths Isaacson-Tarbell-Beatpaths Record So Far 161-103 169-95 168-96 Last Week 3-1 2-2 3-1 NY Jets (11-7) at Indianapolis […]

Ranking Analysis – Divisional Round

Hey folks, Tom here with the ranking analysis for last week’s divisional round playoff games. No big movers this week, and the overall numbers stay quite the same as last week. As you can see, the stability remains the same as last week, which is expected given the small number of games, and the absorption […]

2009 NFL Divisional Beatpath Graph

Slightly more predictable week, and more boring, too, at least up until the last game. IT and ITB were 3-1 for the week, while Beatpaths was 2-2. The NY Jets weren’t quite able to loop away San Diego, so it is still seen as an upset. And Minnesota wasn’t quite able to develop a beatwin […]

Ranking Analysis – Wildcard Round

Hello folks, sorry I’m late and posting in the middle of the divisional round, but here is the analysis of the rankings after the Wildcard round. One big mover as a result of the Wildcard games, and that is Denver—a good illustration of how seemingly unrelated games can affect the system’s overall assessment of a […]

2009 NFL Divisional Beatpaths Picks

Welcome to the best weekend of the NFL Season! Pretty straightforward week of picks, overall. The Vegas line has the home teams winning, so does Isaacson-Tarbell. On to the picks. Isaacson-Tarbell was 1-3 last week, while Beatpaths and ITB were 0-4. That’s probably the worst we’ve done on Wildcard Weekend, because up until this year […]

2009 NFL Wildcard Beatpath Graph

Ack! 0-4 on the picks this week, with a crazy slate of games. I’m not sure how people will explain away New England’s performance. And three cheers for an excellent fourth game – that’s what the playoffs should be about. Check out the graph. Most teams moved in accordance with their victories, but Baltimore still […]