2009 NFL Super Bowl Picks

As Kenneth and Tom have shown, New Orleans is very slightly favored in the Super Bowl by the Beatpaths system. There’s no beatpath relationship between the two teams, however, and Indianapolis had the better record with one more win – Isaacson-Tarbell picks Indianapolis. So the ITB pick is Indianapolis.

Now that it’s 3rd and 5 in the 4th with about three and a half minutes left, and Manning is looking a little bit chokey, I’m not sure that’s really how it will work out, but there it is… and…. pick six. Zoinks!

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  1. The MOOSE says:

    Iterative and Weigted graphs are up. You were right Doktarr, in that NO gained a path to IND in each graph. I’m pretty sure it makes them the #1 team for the season regardless of how you look at it.

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