Beatpaths 2010 NFL Season

Thanks for the private notes. A symphony of events has conspired against me being at full capacity here in the early season. Sudden client work, recording studio dates, etc. In addition, I am moving several websites including beatpaths to a new and faster server.

Luckily, the week 1 beatpath graph is way boring. 🙂 I’ll have week 2 up soon. And in the meantime, I am again looking for more volunteers and guest authors. If you think it would be fun to write a weekly feature on any topic in particular for beatpaths, write me privately and I’ll hook you up with an authorship account here. And hey, hail mary time, if any of you are good with wordpress themes, I’d love to put a better theme up. We don’t make money here, but I’ll give you a fat credit.

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