2010 NFL Week 6 Beatpath Graph

Once again a crazy week. Teams are playing inconsistently, others are finding their identities, and there were upsets galore. The picks were 6-8 last week, which means lots of graph changes.


4 Responses to 2010 NFL Week 6 Beatpath Graph

  1. JT says:

    Washington refuses to be assimilated into your graph for two weeks in a row!

  2. Alternator says:

    Wow, a thirteen team beatpath. Moose, how unusual is one that long at this point in the season, and how common are they overall?

    Eight teams without beatlosses, ten without beatwins, among them two teams with no connections to the graph at all.

    As a New England fan, it’s good to see that beating a quality team helped them so much. Looking ahead, the Chargers don’t stand much chance of helping them significantly, even if they can recover their wins–at most New England could pick up two paths.

  3. Jason R says:

    I think this is one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen. An hourglass shape with Green Bay deciding who gets to be on top and who goes down below.

  4. The MOOSE says:

    According to my historical graphs, this year’s 13-team path in the standard method is above average (10.46). There have been seven years since ’70 that have been longer than this year. The record came in 2001 with a 16-team path that stretched from STL (Super Bowl losers that year) to CAR (1-15 season).

    I haven’t got time right now to see how this graph relates to all graphs, but in general as the season progresses, the average longest path increases. The Standard method tends to keep the graphs shorter though. If you take a look instead at this week’s Weighted graph which tends to make taller graphs, you’ll see a 21-team path which is just shy of the record (22) for Week 6.

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