2010 NFL Week 7 Beatpath Graph

Finally, every team is reflected in the graph! Last week’s rankings were 8-6 this week, and it is clear that the system currently sees some of the game results as truly fluky upsets, the most extreme example being Oakland’s 59-14 shellacking of Denver.


2 Responses to 2010 NFL Week 7 Beatpath Graph

  1. Vinntaroth says:

    So question – since the Jets already have a beatpath to the Packers, that means the Pack essentially loses nothing if they lose this game?

    Also, where would the Pack theoretically end up if (Haha, yeah right) the Bears lose to Buffalo, thus creating a CHI->GB->BUF->CHI loop?

    Basically, wouldn’t the loss of the CHI->GB beatpath wreck this tower for everyone not supported by the MIA->GB path? (That means TEN, NYG, IND, DEN, SEA all lose what was propping them up… that could be quite interesting!)

  2. Vinntaroth says:

    Also, while I understand the system doesn’t look at scores or homefield advantage, it’s pretty difficult to call a 59-14 road win an ‘upset’ 🙂

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