2010 NFL Week 10 Beatpath Graph

Time for the Week 10 Beatpath Graph! The picks were 6-8 last week – we’ve had upsets galore this season, and it will be really interesting to look at the record when the season is over. We also have what looks to be a weirdly high number of teams with no beatlosses – all the way down to Oakland.


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  1. Kenneth says:

    IIRC, this season the NFL made sure that there were more division games later in the year. I think that might be affecting things–there have been a lot of 3 team loops existing for awhile now. I think a lot of those will get blown up once we start to see more season splits.

  2. Jason R says:

    I think another reason is there aren’t any clearly dominant teams. If you have a 9-0 team and a couple 8-1 teams, everyone seems to get swept under them. But without a dominant team it allows for a wider graph with some really short paths like Oakland, Baltimore, and New Orleans, for example.

  3. JT says:

    I should look back over previous years at this time, but it seems like before there were generally a few divisions that had a full hierarchy (A->B->C->D). I can’t see a single division that has path like that at this point. But, as Kenneth said, several division games are moved to the back of the season. Heck, I just looked at the Eagles schedule. They’ve played both their games vs the Redskins, but haven’t yet played either the Cowboys or Giants. (This appears to be unusual, most teams have played their division mates at least once. The only other team in this situation is the Giants, who have yet to play the Eagles and Redskins.)

    The other thing that seems to be flattening the graph this season are Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde teams like Oakland, Arizona, and St Louis. They seem to have a knack for causing loops.

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