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2010 NFL Week 16 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hello again folks, and welcome to a shockingly on time version of the Beatpaths rankings! That’s right, the relative calm of the week between Christmas and New Year’s has let me hit this small window between the delayed Tuesday game and the Thursday Night game. And…wait, what do you mean there’s no Thursday night game […]

2010 NFL Week 15 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hello folks! Welcome to another week of Beatpath Rankings! Like our site’s proprietor, I have to apologize for being late. It’s the holidays, you know. As usual, I am writing these rankings up with no idea what happened in Thursday’s game. Honestly, I forgot that there was a game on Thursday. And that it was […]

2010 NFL Week 14 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey all! This is Kenneth here with more rankings! I apologize for the delay; given the holidays, work, and classes, I wasn’t able to get these out last night. So just pretend you don’t know who won in SF-SD; I know I don’t. In any case, there’s a lot going on this week…big changes in […]

New Look!

So we have a new look now. I had originally been using a wordpress theme that I kind of arbitrarily picked because it had some green grass on it, which reminded me of turf, even though I think it was originally intended to be something of a gardening theme. If anyone seriously misses that look&feel, […]

2010 NFL Week 13 Beatpath Graph

A more accurate week, and maybe it’s just me coming around to what beatpaths has been telling me, but this one is the first week where I felt like the upsets really were upsets. The rankings were 12-4 this week. Once again it’s SEA->CHI that is sticking out like a sore thumb. I haven’t taken […]

2010 NFL Week 12 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Some interesting moves up and down the rankings this week. Let’s get right to it! You can find the graph for this week’s rankings here. Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Beat DET) Another week, another win, and the Patriots are on top once again. This is the one Thanksgiving game I […]