2010 NFL Week 14 Beatpath Graph

Seattle is finally toppled from atop Chicago, Chicago is pasted by New England, but Miami’s victory over the Jets makes Chicago look even stronger. The rankings were 10-6 this last week.


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  1. JT says:

    Figures. After I go on about how difficult it would be for SEA → CHI to go away, it goes away. Looks to me (in my un-expert graph analysis) like it was the SF → SEA result this week that caused a season split and let the STL → SEA link survive the 3 team loop stage. That, plus CHI’s season sweep of DET let a CHI → DET path persist past the 3 team loop stage. (I forgot that Chicago lost to Washington way back in week 7).

    SEA → CHI will lurk there though, and could easily reappear if some other season splits or 3 team loops develop. Most likely is the week 17 STL @ SEA matchup. A season split there would probably make link pop back into the final graph.

  2. The MOOSE says:

    Woah, surprise change to the site’s format. The narrower column might mean a lot more scrolling down though. Anyway, yes a SEA -> STL result in Week 17 would restore the path. It doesn’t help them much in the other graphs though since 5+ team loops are common in Iterative and Weighted. As a result, SEA is near the bottom of those graphs. Those two methods consider SF the best team in that division at rank #20.

  3. JDHalfrack says:

    So if I’m reading this right… the road separating beatpath supremacy and beat path mediocrity runs through St. Louis? Interesting…. lol

  4. The MOOSE says:

    While it looks that way on this graph, it isn’t really the case. There are 9 teams above STL on the graph above. All but three of them depend on the wins over STL to stay high. MIA’s win over GB would keep the top teams at the top. The graph also shows 22 teams below STL, but only 6 of them have direct paths beneath STL. The other 16 aren’t connected at all and are low on the graph for other reasons. If you look at my version of the Standard graph, which places teams on tiers based on their strength as opposed to placing them in a way to keep the graph compact, you’ll get a much different picture of STL’s importance.

  5. JDHalfrack says:

    Oh, I know… I was just having a little fun with it. It’s not often the last few years I get to say anything close to positive about my Rams…

  6. The MOOSE says:

    Hey they’re about to win their division. That’s pretty positive. 🙂

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