New Look!

So we have a new look now. I had originally been using a wordpress theme that I kind of arbitrarily picked because it had some green grass on it, which reminded me of turf, even though I think it was originally intended to be something of a gardening theme. If anyone seriously misses that look&feel, I think that’s a perfect example of attachment-through-familiarity, I’m not sure there’s really much good reason at all to otherwise appreciate it. 🙂

Nick Bell stepped forward to volunteer his time and effort to get us set up with a new theme, and he’s done a great job suggesting and implementing a theme that is organized, clean, and has a lot of room for future tweaks if we decide to add more functionality to it.

Go ahead and leave any comments about the new design below, we’ll be able to make some adjustments if anyone notices anything wonky. Beyond that, thanks to Nick! And also for everyone’s patience since I think I first noted I’d be putting a new design in place something like two years ago.

2 Responses to New Look!

  1. JT says:

    Nice new look. No problems in viewing it, though if I were supreme website decision-maker, I would put the Previous/Next post navigation links at the top of the post, either in addition to or instead of at the bottom the way they are now. But that’s not a very big deal, and I am not supreme website decision-maker.

  2. Tom says:

    Looks great TT and Nick. Good work!

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