2010 NFL Week 15 Beatpath Graph

Time for the graph! Actually a bit belated with the graph – the holiday season always makes the timing of these things interesting. The rankings were 8-8 last week, with lots of juicy upsets. We’ve actually got some height this week!


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  1. Nick Bell says:

    Why look at that. There are actually teams under my Lions. Including possible playoff teams (Bless the NFC West). Its been a long time since I’ve seen that.

  2. JT says:

    I see three divisions that have established a straight line hierarchy:

    NFC North
    AFC West
    NFC East

    Just kinda interesting.

    I was curious if we’ve ever seen a season where all the teams in the division split their season series? Not a big deal, but just a random though I had a while back.

  3. @JT: wrt season splits: doesn’t look like it. I looked back to 1970, and it’s never been close. 2008 was one of the closest, with 23 series swept.

    We might beat that this year, though. 11 sweeps so far, pending week 16 action.


  4. @JT: I originally misread your question as “no sweeps throughout the whole league”, which of course would be very unusual.

    On further review, I checked to see if there has ever been “no sweeps in any one division”.
    Results: still pretty unusual. Even in the strike-shortened, 9-game season of 1982, only the NFC West didn’t have at least one sweep. Beyond that, in 1986, there were no sweeps (again) in the NFC West.

    This year, there have been no sweeps (pending week 16 action) in the AFC East and AFC South. The AFC East will have a sweep unless the Bills win out and the Patriots lose out. The AFC South will have a sweep unless the Colts and Jaguars both lose their week 17 matchups.


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