2011 NFL Season

Well, once again the season has snuck up on me, but that’s okay since the first two weeks of the season always lead to fairly boring graphs.

And with the start of the season comes my call for volunteers! I should be able to post the weekly graphs, but there’s definitely room for more contributors.

If you have any interest in writing about any of the following subjects, let me know:

  • Weekly rankings (Our dear friend Kenneth is unavailable this season) and commentary
  • Weekly picks
  • Pick performance
  • Other statistical studies based off of the beatpaths system

What I can offer in terms of support is various output from the data to make your article-writing easier, and accounts on the wordpress system so you have free reign to publish. I can’t offer pay, but I don’t get paid either, this has always been a labor of geeky, irreverent love!

If you’re interested in helping out, please contact me through my personal site at http://curtsiffert.com/feedback . Thanks!

4 Responses to 2011 NFL Season

  1. The MOOSE says:

    Hey TT, good to see you’re back. I’m pretty busy myself lately and am thankful that my graphs are automated or else I probably wouldn’t have the time to put them together either. As such, I won’t be able to contribute much beyond posting Iterative and Weighted graphs for comparison.

    Week 3’s graphs are up for now, and we have our first loop of the year. I think the most interesting thing so far is comparing the positions of the remaining 3-0 teams.

  2. The MOOSE says:

    Week 4 graphs are up. Same place as always: BeatGraphs.com

  3. The MOOSE says:

    Week 5 graphs are up: BeatGraphs.com. This week features the first difference between the
    standard graph and the iterative graph.

    I hope you’ll be able to get your stuff up soon TT, I’m interested in seeing if there are any differences between your rankings and mine at this point.

  4. The MOOSE says:

    Week 6 is up: BeatGraphs.com. There’s a big shift in the graph this week. Check out the commentary for the explanation.

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