Monster Update – through week 6

Well, what can I say. Real life happens. I can’t promise the updates will be as regular this season, but here’s some information on the first part of this season.

Using Edge Power, the rankings so far this season have been as follows:

  • Week 1: 6-10 (last season: 6-10)
  • Week 2: 9-7 (last season: 10-6)
  • Week 3: 10-6 (last season: 9-7)
  • Week 4: 11-5 (last season: 5-9)
  • Week 5: 10-3 (last season: 9-5)
  • Week 6: 9-4 (last season: 6-8)

And here is the most recent graph for after Week 6:


6 Responses to Monster Update – through week 6

  1. Another Josh says:

    Welcome back! Not much to say about the graph other than I hadn’t realized that St Louis has already managed to play 3/4ths of the NFC East. Looking a bit closer at the schedule, I guess it’s not that unusual, Indianapolis has played 3 of the 4 AFC North teams.

  2. The MOOSE says:

    Yay! Graphs. Any chance you’ll be able to post your rankings? I’d like to see how we line up.

    Full week 7 stuff is up on BeatGraphs.

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