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2009 NFL Week 14 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Kenneth here with your weekly rankings. Lots of commentary, some of which might be useful! Boy, it’s starting to feel like deja vu to me. Or maybe a yo-yo. The graph seems to keep straightening up, then flattening out, then straightening up, and so on. I wish it would just pick a form […]

Power Rankings – 2009 NFL Week 13 Beatpaths

Hey folks, Kenneth here with the rankings! Some big movers and shakers here. One team makes a dive that’s…well, I don’t recall quite as big a drop happening before. But hey, that kinda numbery talk is for Tom! Me, I deal with graphs and stuff. Let’s get to it! One note: it occurs to me […]

2009 NFL Week 12 Beatpath Rankings

Hey folks! Kenneth here again with the rankings. You’ll notice that I decided against starting with my name; that’s because it was getting too clunky to write openings that way. Not that this one is going smoothly; three sentences in and I’m already meta. What am I here for? Oh yeah! The rankings! The graph […]

2009 NFL Week 11 Beatpath Rankings

Kenneth here again, everybody! And just barely, it looks like! Well, not really–the first game has already started. Here’s the lesson–never expect to get stuff done on a travel day. Bleah. Wiped me out. Fortunately, the family is not arriving until later today, so I’ve got just enough time to say some asinine things and […]