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New Look!

So we have a new look now. I had originally been using a wordpress theme that I kind of arbitrarily picked because it had some green grass on it, which reminded me of turf, even though I think it was originally intended to be something of a gardening theme. If anyone seriously misses that look&feel, […]

2010 NFL Week 13 Beatpath Graph

A more accurate week, and maybe it’s just me coming around to what beatpaths has been telling me, but this one is the first week where I felt like the upsets really were upsets. The rankings were 12-4 this week. Once again it’s SEA->CHI that is sticking out like a sore thumb. I haven’t taken […]

2010 NFL Week 10 Beatpath Graph

Time for the Week 10 Beatpath Graph! The picks were 6-8 last week – we’ve had upsets galore this season, and it will be really interesting to look at the record when the season is over. We also have what looks to be a weirdly high number of teams with no beatlosses – all the […]

2010 NFL Week 7 Beatpath Graph

Finally, every team is reflected in the graph! Last week’s rankings were 8-6 this week, and it is clear that the system currently sees some of the game results as truly fluky upsets, the most extreme example being Oakland’s 59-14 shellacking of Denver.