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2010 NFL Week 5 Beatpath Graph

Wow! We’ve got a couple of zombie teams this week, a rare occurrence. Who knows what San Diego and Washington will turn into, although it seems San Diego is already historically bad on special teams. Last week’s rankings performed a little better at 9-5, although it felt more surprising than that. It’s a different league […]

2010 NFL Week 4 Beatpath Graph

Hello everyone! Very interesting week – last season this would have been seen as a lot of boring games, but I think we’re seeing some things shake out in terms of relative quality of teams, and there might be some surprises. The picks were 8-6 5-9 last week, which means there’s a fair amount of […]

2010 NFL Week 3 Beatpath Graph

The picks were 9-7 this last week. What’s good is that the picks are already seeming to make sense just in terms of eyeballing them. The only pick that looked off to me was picking Jacksonville over Philadelphia, but I think I might have also given pause by “that one team by that one body […]

2010 NFL Week 1 Beatpath Graph

This is always something of a rite of passage for this site, pasting the world’s stupidest graph – ladies and gentlemen, the graph as it existed after Week 1! Apologies for the abbreviated data – you can tell what picks there were by checking the previous week’s rankings – but the week’s pick record was […]

Beatpaths 2010 NFL Season

Thanks for the private notes. A symphony of events has conspired against me being at full capacity here in the early season. Sudden client work, recording studio dates, etc. In addition, I am moving several websites including beatpaths to a new and faster server. do my algebra homework Luckily, the week 1 beatpath graph is […]